About Role.Fit

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial revolution, career paradigms are fast evolving and Protean and Boundaryless careers are becoming a reality. Increasingly individuals are taking responsibility of their own careers with continued learning, and pursuing multiple career paths and roles in a lifetime. Organizations are also increasingly becoming agile and shifting to a network of dynamic internal teams. Flexible and open career models rather than a static career progression is fast becoming the new normal. There is an emerging need for organizations to provide support to individuals as they traverse a more dynamic and complex career maze.

Recognizing this gap, Role. Fit provides comprehensive career assessments that provide individuals the much needed career decision support required for them to plan their careers, skills and transitions. Our research based framework can map individuals to different career roles in the industry. These include assessment of individual attributes such as work style, values, interest and abilities. We also factor in job design parameters like preferred work activities, work context, skills and knowledge areas and previous experience to report on exact fitment on different roles. Since our framework is based on the latest in career decision research, builds on the O*NET career data and taxonomy, and is mapped to career standards worldwide, it provides an accurate approach to career decision making.

At an organization/team level the data on individual preferences, in combination with other existing data (e.g. performance etc.), provides robust inputs for researching business issues and implementing workforce analytic solutions. Our framework thus provides for more informed decisions with direct impact on the bottom line, decreased role based attrition, enhanced productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction.

Role.Fit is an initiative by Tucareers.com, one of the most comprehensive and accurate career assessment solution available globally.

Our solution is based on the O*NET framework and uses standardized psychometric tests. Refer to our technical manual for more details.

Refer our Service Brochure for more details on our offerings and solution.